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Aerodynamics: Pending Trailer Enhancements

Semi-Trailer Aero Enhancements

Patent Pending

Additional inventions for reducing drag on semitrailers are currently patent pending, having already undergone successful road tests in 2018, in controlled tests in Pecos, Texas by Messilla Valley Transportation. These additional enhancements are currently patent pending, with issuance expected in 2019.


Patent Due to Issue August, 2019: US2018/0043944 

Following the logic presented for shielding the uppermost wheel to minimize vehicle drag, the same solution can be applied to the open wheels of semi-truck tractors to minimize drag. Due to issue Patent US 2018/0043944 discloses an embodiment of this related invention, shielding only the critical faster-moving uppermost portion of the wheel.

First Fuel Economy Road Test of Upper Wheel Skirt Invention for Semi-truck Tractors. 

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