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John Howard and Wayne Stetina, the first pro cyclists to test our products.

Aero Innovation for cyclists who want to be faster and safer!

Welcome to NULL WINDS Technology Direct Sales Store. Our revolutionary drag-reducing products for bicycles are now available for direct consumer purchase. Please be sure to visit our STORE.  A few featured products are listed immediately below.
And be sure to check out our detailed Aero Technology Discussions, explaining the physics of this technology, being particularly effective when facing punishing headwinds.
Our patented method for actually minimizing overall vehicle drag reduces drag specifically on the critical uppermost portion of the exposed wheel, where wind speeds exceed twice the vehicle speed. And as ground headwinds also rise, this critical uppermost wheel drag reduction becomes even much more significant.
Applications for this new technology include not only bicycles, but also motorcycles, industrial semi-trailers, and even racecars. Most open-wheeled vehicles are aerodynamically handicapped — needlessly — when a simple upper wheel fairing could substantially improve propulsive efficiency.

The gist of our story...for cyclists

Are you a road bike enthusiast? Do you enjoy struggling against punishing headwinds? If so, then read no further! Enjoy your pain while fanning directly against the wind with your exposed upper wheels inducing pointless extra drag.

Others may be glad to know that cycling dramatically faster against headwinds is now really possible! Incredibly, minimally shielding ONLY the upper wheel is the now patented trick! Why not enjoy Optimal Aero efficiency, and gain 10-20% in speed against headwinds?

We recognize that timid and fashion-conscious road racers will be slow to adopt change. So we challenge those few who are more concerned with speed and aerodynamic efficiency—than with current fashion trends—to consider our products.

Our technology actually benefits those who ride fastest the most, where reducing turbulent flow is most impactful. And so why has this simple solution not been considered before, you no doubt ask? Most likely since the effectiveness becomes very noticeable only against stronger ground headwinds (and not so much under no-wind conditions, like most testing conducted inside wind tunnels).

And so we offer detailed technical explanations for those really interested in the physics. So why not ride dramatically faster and safer in windy conditions? Fashion afraid?

Thanks for considering the future of aero in cycling. Once you try our products while riding fast in windy conditions, you too will wonder why continue fanning the wind? Join John Howard and become more naturally aero!

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