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Null Winds Technology is bringing an aerospace engineering discipline to the problem of solving drag reduction on open-wheeled vehicles, such as industrial cargo trucks. Having recognized the extreme power loss resulting from having uppermost portions of a vehicle wheel being exposed to oncoming headwinds has yielded over 20 patents to date. The upper wheel must be shielded from headwinds in order to minimize vehicle drag. And surprisingly, the lower portion of the wheel should generally remain exposed to headwinds (solving a vehicle systems drag problem).
Having conducted numerous road tests (and wind-tunnel testing at ARC) on both semi-trucks and on much simpler bicycles, has confirmed the proper mechanical model (a complicated 15-term computation) for modelling the true effects of wheel drag on open-wheeled vehicles. Applying this drag model to cargo trucks, our simple Upper Wheel Deflectors provide an economical and cost-effective fuel-savings solution for the common LTL Cargo Truck. And class six box truck drivers are reporting that they actually feel the difference, noticing a smoother and faster pull up familiar hills.
Null Winds Technology was founded by Garth Magee in 2013, a veteran servo control systems engineer of the Southern California aerospace industry (Raytheon Electro-Optical Systems in El Segundo) in the 80's and 90's, where he worked on hardware design for a number of classified programs related to Reagan's Star Wars defense initiative. Magee specialized in the design and integration of servo control systems for various multi-axis gimbaled and electo-optical systems. Magee's training includes several engineering degrees (BSME, BSEE and MSEE from The University of Texas) in both mechanical and electrical engineering. And for the past 25 years, Magee co-owned and managed the administrative function of a leading fund development consultancy that was based in Los Angeles, CA – Thurlow/Associates – which employed up to ten skilled grant writers until being sold in 2020. Magee began his career in the early 80's as a field engineer for Schlumberger Surenco, working in South America in the oil industry.