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Aerodynamics: Directed Exhaust

Patent US 9,796,430

Following the logic presented for shielding the uppermost wheel to minimize vehicle drag while maximizing traction, it becomes rather obvious that this invention should also be extended to the use of vehicle exhaust as an alternative means to effect shielding of the upper wheel.

This critical upper wheel shielding would become particularly effective for top fuel drag racing cars, which generate tremendous exhaust velocities and whose uppermost wheel surfaces are exposed to wind speeds approaching the speed of sound! Simply re-orienting the exhaust pipes to be slightly more vertically directed on these cars can improve the shielding of the uppermost wheel surfaces, thereby  increasing both speed and stability of these 300+ mph racecars. And our patent US 9,796,430 teaches this directed exhaust invention naturally shielding the critical uppermost wheel.

While this re-directed exhaust can then burn the rear wing, the rear wing could instead be reduced in width and increased in length to produce equivalent needed downforce for vehicle stability. However, since the rear upper wheel would then be more effectively shielded from exposure to direct headwinds, not only would the vehicle be much faster, but the effective traction would also be increased. Thus, the needed downforce could be reduced, further increasing the speed of the vehicle.

Note that as currently configured, the lower wheel deflector panels actually increase overall vehicle drag. These panels could also be elevated to shield the upper wheel, thereby increasing vehicle speed and stability. Thus, it becomes logical that NHRA should consider these vehicle safety improvements offered by the inventions.

Indeed, the same problem exists on the front wheels, where the low wing increases vehicle drag while decreasing steering traction. The wing would be easily elevated to shield the upper wheel to minimize vehicle drag and maximize steering traction. Thus, these traditional wing configurations are simply counterproductive.

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