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AEROCROSS™ wheels with SPOKE FINS™ streamline the round spoke, substantially reducing drag on the bicycle wheel itself—even in the presence of substantial crosswinds—while providing unmatched crosswind stability and safety to the cyclist in gusty wind conditions.

• Laminar Flow MINIMIZES Spoke Drag in Windy Conditions
Maintains low-drag laminar flow across the spoke even in crosswinds.
• Unmatched Crosswind Stability Enhances Pedaling Efficiency
Enables aerobar position far longer under gusty crosswind conditions.
• Outperforms ANY Aero Wheel in Strong Crosswinds
Becoming the most cost-effective aero wheel for use in windy conditions.
• Essential Drag Reduction for High Spoke Count Wheels
High spoke count wheels greatly benefit from reduced drag, comparable to advanced aero wheels.

Patent US 9,290,041

    • Streamline Round Spoke to Eliminate 70% of Drag
    • Swivel like Wind Vane for Greater Stability in Winds
    • Smooth Vibration @ Speed for more Secure Ride

AEROCROSS Pro-Train wheels with aerodynamic SPOKE FINS™ swivel about the spoke like a wind vane for a smooth fast ride that is remarkably stable in crosswinds. Hand-built by Pro-Lite, strong alloy wheels with patented SPOKE FINS™ streamline spokes into self-aligning aero spokes to reduce spoke drag more than 3X against any crosswind.



Downhill Coast Tests prove performance against racing wheel set:

SPOKE FINS™ prove faster at high speed against stronger headwinds than Shimano Dura-Ace C24 racing wheel set.

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