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Deflector Panels 

Bringing Aerodynamic Innovation to Open-Wheeled Vehicles!

ALL open-wheeled vehicles needlessly waste fuel by exposing the critical drag-inducing uppermost portion of the wheel directly to oncoming headwinds. And vehicles already covering most of the upper or lower wheel can also waste fuel by shielding highly drag-advantaged lower portions of the wheel (think rolling against headwinds almost as easy as rolling over bumps for the lower wheel) from exposure to headwinds. Discovering this non-obvious drag-inducing relationship for vehicles has resulted in numerous patents since 2017 (more than 15 to date) including the very first utility patent for a simple upper wheel fender.
Now NULL WINDS Technology brings this innovative method for minimizing vehicle drag both to the automotive and bicycle industries. New Upper Wheel Deflector Panels shield only the most critical uppermost portion of the wheel on LTL class 6-8 trucks to save fuel. AERODEFENDER wheel fairings allow bicycles and other open wheeled vehicles to penetrate headwinds. And SPOKE FINS reduce drag on bicycle wheels for faster speed and more aerodynamic stability in crosswinds.
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