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AERODEFENDER Wheel Fairings: Breakthrough Patent US 9,878,745

AERODEFENDER™ wheel fairings simply shield only the uppermost portion of the wheel to effectively minimize overall vehicle drag, while simultaneously increasing steering traction for more predictable control at high speed.

• MINIMIZE Vehicle Drag for Unmatched Speed Gains
Slice through headwinds; Rising effectiveness in stronger headwinds.
• Enhance Steering Traction for Predictable Stability in Crosswinds
Reduce ground slip force, yielding more available cornering traction.
• Reduce Cyclic Pedaling Fatigue by Slicing through Headwinds
Reduce natural cyclic pedaling effort, yielding greater propulsive efficiency.
• Outperform ANY Aero Wheel Against Stronger Headwinds
Shift magnified upper wheel drag onto un-magnified vehicle frame.
• Enhanced AERO Enables Use of Wider Tires and Stronger Rims
Eliminate most of the substantially increased wheel drag using wider tires.

AEROCROSS Wheels with SPOKE FINS: Patent US 9,290,041

AEROCROSS™ wheels with SPOKE FINS™ streamline the round spoke, substantially reducing drag on the bicycle wheel itself—even in the presence of substantial crosswinds—while providing unmatched crosswind stability and safety to the cyclist in gusty wind conditions.

• Laminar Flow MINIMIZES Spoke Drag in Windy Conditions
Maintain low-drag laminar flow across the spoke even in crosswinds.
• Unmatched Crosswind Stability Enhances Pedaling Efficiency
Enables aerobar position far longer under gusty crosswind conditions.
• Crosswind-Induced Propulsion for Enhanced Drag Reduction
Fin-generated lift in crosswinds propels wheel for greater wheel efficiency.
• Outperform ANY Aero Wheel in Strong Crosswinds
Becoming the most cost-effective aero wheel for use in windy conditions.
• Essential Drag Reduction for High Spoke Count Wheels
Fin lift propulsion in crosswinds further augments high spoke count wheel efficiency.