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AEROCROSS™ Pro-Train Wheel Set

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AEROCROSS™ Pro-Train Wheel Set

$ 349.00 $ 399.00

AEROCROSS™ Pro-Train Wheel Set with black SPOKE FINS™.  

Hand-build by Pro-Lite in Taiwan to our specifications, our wheel set is based on the Pro-Lite Garda DS components.  Built strong for reliability mile after mile, but with our Spoke Fins pre-installed on this 20/24 spoke 30mm deep rim, this wheel is simply the fastest wheel set available under variable crosswind conditions. No other wheel set is as stable in gusty crosswinds as our proprietary wheel set with SPOKE FINS™. And our wheel set is far less expensive than any competing wheel set for windy conditions.

If you are now riding bladed spokes that are so prevalent in the industry today, there is no longer any reason to continue riding inefficiently in windy conditions. Step up now to our innovative wheel set for a remarkable price. 

Tested and endorsed by legendary cyclist John Howard, SPOKE FINS provide unprecedented stability at high speed in corners, thereby adding a margin a safety in cornering.

Also available from Triathlon Lab, for both retail and wholesale distribution.

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