Road Testing

On bike road testing under various headwind conditions has confirmed the potential performance gains obtained by using Null Winds Technology's innovative Upper Wheel Fairings. Various riders under varying headwind conditions have measured speed gains ranging between three and 20 percent. And initial results indicate that novice riders may gain even more relative benefit than stronger riders. Test reports are available for download. Further testing is forthcoming.

Wind tunnel studies generally do not accurately measure the effects of drag on the performance of vehicles having exposed wheels. Quite sophisticated instrumentation would be required to obtain such power data in order to accurately simulate an on-road condition. Instead, wind tunnel studies often rely on instrumentation used to measure drag forces on aircraft for the aerospace industry. In the bicycle industry, most aerodynamic wheel designs relying on detailed wind tunnel measurements are likely non-optimal, having been tested to drag mechanical models more appropriate for non-wheeled vehicles. For this reason, our testing must rely mostly on real-world road conditions. For more details, see the technical discussions section.

Fortunately, our Upper Wheel Fairings produce dramatic gains in propulsive efficiency on road bikes. Slight variances in wind and road conditions do not significantly degrade the overall test results, as the measured differences are readily distinguishable: the gains measured are generally much larger than the small fractional percentage differences often measured in the wind tunnel studies. See Test Reports for the latest data.

prototype bike fairings closeup front fairings closeup rear

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