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Upper Wheel Fairings shield the most sensitive drag-inducing surfaces on a wheeled vehicle from headwinds, thereby dramatically reducing the power needed for propulsion. Surprisingly simple, and surprisingly effective, Upper Wheel Fairings cause propulsive efficiency to increase with either rising vehicle or headwind speeds.

Designed by an engineer from the aerospace industry, Upper Wheel Fairings are destined to alter the preferred configuration of the non-competitive road bicycle. While simple in design, this approach to shielding only the critical uppermost wheel surfaces is highly effective. Common engineering models for drag forces on wheeled vehicles fail to account for the dramatic benefit provided by this critical shielding. Consequently, a patent application has been filed for this innovation.

Wind Diagram

And as a side benefit, Upper Wheel Fairings actually enhance tire traction. This unexpected effect is readily explained using the proper mechanical model for drag on wheeled vehicles, a subject of the pending patent application. Cyclists also report no increase in crosswind susceptibility, a consequence of the enhanced traction. Thus, cyclists can expect to ride both faster and safer using our Upper Wheel Fairings.

See the Technical section for a more detailed video discussion of this new technology presented by the inventor.

 fairings closeup

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