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Propelling Bicycles into the Future by:

  • Penetrating Against Headwinds with Greater Speed
  • Diminishing Counterproductive Upper Wheel Drag
  • Enhancing Stability in Crosswinds
  • Improving Cyclist Safety
  • Enriching the Cycling Experience

Null Winds Technology is introducing revolutionary wheel drag-reduction technology to the bicycle world with our first wheel fairing product in 2014. Shielding a bicycles' faster-moving upper wheel surfaces from headwinds yields dramatic increases in speed without sacrificing crosswind stability. And these gains in pedaling efficiency actually increase in the presence of headwinds. One can readily feel the difference in penetrating even a slight headwind. Test our Upper Wheel Fairings for yourself, and you will never again want to ride without them.

First introduced as a prototype in April of 2013 at the Sea Otter Classic bicycle festival near Monterrey, California, our Upper Wheel Fairings garnered attention from key industry insiders. All who rode our demonstration bicycles noticed the increased speed immediately. There is no need for sophisticated precision wind tunnel studies, as a simple speedometer mounted on the bicycle is all that is required to measure the dramatic performance gains in real world settings. In an early test on a modern carbon road bike and facing a 20 mph headwind, the fairings increased the average speed of a novice rider by more than 14 percent. More recent tests by strong riders have shown similar gains in moderate headwinds. Detailed test reports can be found here.

Null Winds Technology will soon introduce our Upper Wheel Fairings in kit form adaptable to most traditional-framed road bicycles. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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