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Introducing Upper Wheel Fairings for Bicycles

Surprisingly Simple. Surprisingly Effective.

Reinventing the Bicycle Wheel to Penetrate Headwinds: Null Winds Technology is introducing revolutionary drag-reduction technology to the bicycle world. Shielding the faster-moving upper wheel surfaces from headwinds yields dramatic increases in speed without sacrificing crosswind stability. Surprisingly simple, and surprisingly effective, Upper Wheel Fairings actually increase propulsive efficiency with rising headwind speeds.

Upper Wheel Fairings shield critical drag-inducing surfaces on a bicycle from headwinds, significantly boosting performance. With our Upper Wheel Fairings installed, cyclists report dramatic gains in speed while penetrating headwinds. One can readily feel the difference, as headwinds really slow a bicycle having exposed upper wheel surfaces. Depending on headwind conditions, riders have achieved speed gains ranging between three and 20 percent. And the relative gains only tend to increase in rising headwinds.

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Unshielded upper wheel surfaces needlessly augment critical drag on wheeled vehicles. In fact, most vehicles with unshielded upper wheels are needlessly aerodynamically handicapped. With their exposed upper wheel surfaces, cyclists are simply fanning the wind, needlessly. Our Upper Wheel Fairings restore a bicycle to a more optimal, minimum-drag configuration.

While wheel fairings generally are not allowed under traditional race rules, the recreational or commuting cyclist need not adhere to the drag-inducing restrictions of the race community. The cycling public should enjoy the inherent drag-reduction that comes from shielding upper wheels from headwinds. Stop fanning the wind. Test our Upper Wheel Fairings for yourself, and you will never again want to ride without them. Cycle smarter with Null Winds Technology.

We want to thank all who visited our booth during last year's Sea Otter Classic 2013, where our new Upper Wheel Fairings were on display for the first time. And we are especially grateful to those who test rode our demonstration bicycles. Riders experienced the dramatic reduction in drag provided by our innovative Upper Wheel Fairings. We received only positive comments from riders. Nearly everyone wanted to know when our product would be available. We plan to release our product in 2014.

A professional rider at Sea Otter who was also concerned about rider safety reported enhanced stability in the presence of crosswinds. While he noticed crosswind forces on his body, he felt no corresponding sideways increases on the bicycle. While enhanced stability was not our primary goal in the development of this innovation, it is readily explainable: Upper Wheel Fairings actually enhance the effective traction of a vehicle. Any potential crosswind forces caused by the addition of our Upper Wheel Fairings is offset by the enhanced tire traction. Bicycles are often more stable in gusty wind conditions.

We are excited to bring this innovation to the bicycling community, and hope that many cyclists will soon enjoy the benefits of using our Upper Wheel Fairings.


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